I’m happy if i get to knit for 5 minutes everyday…Of course, 5 minutes of knitting a day gets me nowhere!  But in the world that we live in, at my age, I’ve learnt to be content with whatever I can get.  Life is pretty good if we are aware of who we have in our lives…may it be that they can be “tough” some days…like me…

I’m a mommy, a wife, a sister, daughter…who loves to knit for my family…occasionally, I sew some skirts for me and my girl to wear with my handmade sweaters/vests/tops/scarves/cowls…my goal is to make most of the clothes in my wardrobe by the end of this year (2012)…wish me luck!


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi, how did you go with making most of the clothes in your wardrobe by the end of this year? I keep making great plans for what I’d like to achieve… and then learn not to be disappointed when I don’t quiet get there. Hope you made MANY nice things for yourself over the year…

    • Hi! 🙂 Thank you for your encouraging words! It’s been trying…I’ve not made as many as I wished…but am still working on it 🙂 I try to wear at least one item per day that I’ve made…sometimes…the same shawl comes to work all week! Hahahaaa…

      It’s lovely to know that there are so many of us out there thinking and doing the same thing…keeps me going…I don’t get to blog about everything that I’ve made…working full time and having a family sometimes comes first…I’m sure there are tons of us out there…

      Looks like you are creating many pretty projects!

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