I recall the days of drawing happy/sad faces in hand-written letters/cards.  Yes, I am apparently a dino – our kind are almost extinct.

When we first purchased our iPhones, I was not aware of the capability of texting with the Emoji “keyboard”.  Once it’s on my phone?  Huh!  I’ve been using it like a mad woman.  Some days though, I’ll refrain myself from overusing Emoji.  When I came across this fun quiz in NYT:


I thought I would surely be a whiz!  😦 Sadly, looks like I’m not as “fluent” as I think I am…thank goodness, really…I am after all a dying breed that loves to write…


Recently, both of my sisters were diagnosed with TMD (Temporomandibular joint dysfunction).  This is the link to the Wikipedia page:


It’s put them both “out of commission” so to speak…even with a specialist’s help, it might take a while for them to fully recover.  “Recover”, not sure what that really means at this point.  Yes, I’m VERY concerned.  Being the only “healthy” sis at the moment, I’ve taken on the care taker role – frankly, I’m grateful that I can help.  Cooking, cleaning, driving…whatever needs to be done…glad to be of service!

Our folks are aging…while we were all together for a brief period of time in the same house, I had to take some sick days off to care for the clan.  To my unpleasant surprise, someone at work did a bit of creative backstabbing…long story short, I am reminded that my family comes first.  I put my heart in my work place – do all that I am responsible for and often volunteer to do much more than expected.  After a pow wow with my hubby last last night, we both agreed that we are happy to be occasionally reminded that we can serve the ones we love…yes, this is a lesson!  We must first take care of ourselves, so we can step up and care for the ones we love when it’s needed.

The world can try to crush us, but our soul is of genuine goodness…only goodness can come…




We periodically go through our “stuff” – sorting them into 3 piles – donate, not sure & keep. We’ve trained our now 10 year old to do the same…yes, much to my chagrin, we all feel pretty attached to most items that have ANY emotional connection to just about ANYTHING!

This created many discussions concerning my sculpture projects from my college days…yes…my husband insisted that those “boxes” can be reused…did he think that it was an easy decision for me? WHY did he think that I wanted to be rid of them…well…ok, they represented another life…I was not a happy camper…they reeked of darkness to me…”good riddance” I told him…but really? Did I really mean it? Not really…but I knew that it had to be done.

Out with the old, in with the new…but THIS? Sigh…this little table is a miracle child from the scrap pile in our sculpture department. We (my sis and I) were poor “art students” living in a studio…we badly needed a table for meals…more than a quarter of a century later, I have made a decision to keep this piece of furniture. Probably, never letting this piece go…