my handmade childhood

May 3, 2013

Thanks to Kate…I’ve been thinking about that myself lately…where does it come from?

Mama sewed throughout her life…in the 50’s there was little to be had for a family like hers…my aunts and Mama made their own clothes…

70’s came along, there’s more to be had but not to Mama’s liking (price point or style)…so she bought lace trims from markets and sewn them onto store bought socks for us.  The boy in me hated those trims…they are scratchy and frilly…my older sis on the other hand loved them.

She made us pajamas, our school play costumes..many many lovely items that we do not have in our hands anymore but the memory stays…

My older sis has this beautiful red/white checked art smock…I have a pajama dress…my younger sis a simple mini quilt…

What does it mean exactly?  I do not know really…aside from the fact that we are blessed with the love of making/creating wearable items for ourselves and loved ones…passing along the love…thank you, Mama…

Oh…I should not leave out our Baba…who proudly displays his childhood embroidery work enclosed in a frame for all to admire…his school work from the 40’s…after the war in Singapore…he loves cooking and using his hands to create too…thank you, Baba…


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