My third Dollheid!

May 1, 2013

My third Dollheid!

My third one was knitted up using all the leftover yarns from the Osaka tea cozy from the Knit Real Shetland book…that tea cozy was for my older sis…her birthday…

I took the left over yarns with me on the long plane ride to Europe and knitted while watching some great movies…my fave is Ernest & Celestine…

Oh I digress…so this was knitted up while we were at my mum in law’s…there was a whole day while girlie and I were home alone…resting, nursing a cold that came on while we were on the plane.

Mum in law was adoring the tam as I knitted, so I handed it over when it’s finished.


2 Responses to “My third Dollheid!”

  1. Jen said

    Just look at you.. three whole Dollheids ! This is indeed incredible, and eviable. I also love her designs.:) So far I’ve only knit (2) Neepheids. 🙂

    • It’s addictive! I’ve posted more of the on Instagram…in case you have a chance, I’m baaballa 🙂

      I have yet to knit a Neepheid! Must check it out.


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