“Mama, why is the Mona Lisa such an important painting?”

April 12, 2013


Oh, the crowds…pushing and pushing…I do not recall my last visit being like this!

My disgruntled girl hates crowds…tight spaces with people galore is NOT her fave…

After a bit of light pushing, she managed to get to see her…but of course, cannot figure out why this painting draws big crowds…actually…I’m a bit puzzled today too…

The Louvre is a rather frightful place now…beware of pickpocket signs posted every where…no flash posted every where but half the people seem not to care…staff do not interfere…

We planned to visit on their late opening night…Wednesday, but when we arrived with prepurchased tickets, we were told they are closed! Turns out staff was on strike due to the ongoing organized pickpocketing in the museum…offenders are all minors, so there’s little anyone can do…apparently, there’s violence too…

What’s the world coming to? How is it that it’s unsafe to work at a museum? Or to visit a museum?


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