No processed wheat/yeast and red meat

March 4, 2013

It’s been oh…over a month now, maybe even 6 weeks….

I’ve not had bread, crackers and red meat….ok, so if there’s traces of it in something…I cannot be responsible!

The result is that my IBS symptoms are under total control…yes…never in my life have I felt this way.  Yes, it is NOT easy….bread is yummy…I don’t mean the loaf bread stuff…I mean crusty white bread…like baguettes!

My sinuses are not bothering me as they used to…my little “dry cough” has miraculously gone!!  I’m not fatigued like I am used to…that right flank dull ache that my doctor and acupuncturist thought was muscle pain?  Minimized…I knew that in my heart it’s connected to my IBS…but have no prove…so here it is…sigh…

Well…started out with my sister reading something about de-acidfying diet…I was skeptical…but knew I needed to take some action on my diet…2 weeks later, my allergies and IBS under control…I’m not fatigued all the time…life is different!  My eczema too…under control…one little thing that was bonus?  My jeans were fitting nicely…yes, bye bye bloating…

Would I recommend it to everyone?  Not sure if it’ll work for everyone, but it’s definitely worth trying out…


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