January 22, 2013

I’ve always wanted to get myself motivated to start a quilt…

A sweet friend of mine tied the knot recently…my intention was to knit a lap blankie for the newly weds to use as a TV/couch blankie…but seeing as my hands are not willing…I had to come up with a different homemade gift idea…

It was supposed to my my very first try…well, actually….years ago when my girlie was teeny…I started one for her that I cannot manage to wrap up 😦  Wonder if that one counts…

Anyways…I never expected to be working on a quilt with my big sis for a lovely cousin who is currently in the hospital…she needs all the prayers and love right now…

My smart and talented big sis came up with the idea of incorporating the stuffed toy monkey that our cousin gave to us when we were little into this lap quilt…being a sculptor who works with fabrics, she had no trouble stitching like a madwoman for days…and some nights…the quilt is in my hands now, I only need to put backing fabric on, trim and get the lilac binding on nicely.  Last night, I managed to work up to basting the binding…now it’s at the point where I need to lengthen the binding and sew on with the machine…then comes the hand stitching portion.

Our cousin went to fashion school…so we are a little concerned about the technical aspects of the quilt…but…we are more concerned about her having it on her lap…so she can feel the love we share…

Wish me luck!

Work days and school days are long for me…so I can’t be sure if I can work on it tonight…but will see how I feel…


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