When life gives you lemons, make lemonade…

December 18, 2012

New wardrobe for Caramel

My girlie has been “requesting” for new dresses for Caramel (i.e. a caramel coloured kitty I made for her – 2011 x’mas present – inspired by Manomine)…she even drew boatloads of pictures for me… šŸ™‚

My right hand joints are killing me…even after multiple acupuncture appointments…so my crafting mind and soul needed to focus on something positive…

Digging through a small stash of cute fabric I’ve “collected” and saved for a special project, I closed in on this one that was purchased a while back at Peapod Fabrics in SF…

The bright colourway and cute birdies brighten up my sinus infected/achy flu body…I had so much fun sewing it…while my sick girlie was watching Aristocats…

Not sure how many I can manage…but will definitely make one dress that matches for her and her Caramel… šŸ™‚








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