Volunteer mommy

December 14, 2012

I firmly believe that every moment IS a teachable moment…ok, so a co-worker has made fun of me…lots…but I stand firm…

Took a vacation day off to volunteer for the annual “Winter Program” (as the wardrobe/last minute sewing “person”) at my daughter’s school….which is where I work… 🙂  Yes…some co-workers wonder why…some parents wonder why…well…I did NOT…

I brought my favourite pin cushion made by my sister…wore it around my neck and went to work…first there were little projects to finish various costumes, then there were 8th graders who handed me a vest with a button that came off…the projects kept coming and I shed my usual work mode to mix with the students…priceless…

They saw me with new light, as a mommy helping our beloved Music Director work her magic on stage…we worked together…as a team…I am the lucky one who saw them shine backstage…

With tears in my eyes, I am so proud of these “children” of mine…they are all grown up, each shone brightly on stage…THIS is the reason I am on this planet 🙂


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