More Mara Shawls…

November 28, 2012



Yep…here I go…I really ought to count out loud how many I have made so far…just to keep track of where they live now…hahahaaaaa

1. Madelinetosh turquoise colour (heavier weight than suggested) – original intention was for myself…but mom-in-law was visiting as I was knitting it up…the manner in which she caressed it compelled me to give the finished shawl to her.

2. Madelinetosh green sport weight – meant to knit it for my little girl…I ended up using it the most.

3. Madelinetosh pink fingerling weight – when I found out that my sweet cousin was diagnosed with breast cancer…I picked the pink to knit up some hugs and love for her…

4. Madelinetosh (Stovepipe – sport weight) – my little sister helped me so much while she was visiting (on vacation)…I wanted to knit a nice little something to wrap her up in my love…she bought the yarn and my gift was the knitting 🙂  – will post soon.

5. Cascade 220 Superwash Quatro (Fuji) – I’ve had this yarn forEVER….ordered it to knit up matching sweaters for my mommy and daughter…2 short sleeve sweaters later…I still have a ton of it left….so after visiting my folks in the summer and my mommy used my green shawl a few times in the super air conditioned places…she asked if I can make her one 🙂 Almost finished.

6 & 7. Koigu KPPPM (P811X & another colour that I cannot remember) – we were at the lovely Imagiknit yarn store and my baby girl handed me a skein of each…”Can you make me something, Mama?”…how I can refuse…they are not quite there…but I’m working on them slowly…

Wow…I adore this pattern…so snuggly…will be knitting more up 🙂


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