Volunteer mommy moment

November 27, 2012



Being a mommy has tons of perks…especially if one enjoys arts & crafts…

Our Art/Music Director is an amazing woman whose creativity knows no bounds.  So when our daughter is old enough to be in the annual Winter Program, I signed myself up (along with other lovely mommies) to help out with the costumes.

This is the brown bag that I am in charge of today…for those who are connected to Instagram, I’ve posted twice about the mouth/tongue moments…(Baaballaa is my Instagram screen name – well, same name for my Pinterest…)

Thanks to an amazing grandma who is a professional seamstress….we’ve got these costumes done in a flash!  I ended up prepping the mouth/tongues in pink/hot pink felt, reworking the patterns and sending them off to this lovely grandma.

Viola!  Just need to hand stitch the mouth area for them and I can get them tailor fitted to our 16 kids…


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