My kinda Black Friday….

November 24, 2012

How fast can I knit?  Hahahaaaa…yes…that is what I was thinking ALL day “Black Friday”…

My right index finger joint was rather unhappy after I switched into my “motor hands” mode…

I’m so happy that I finished 2 pair of socks…one pair for my mom-in-law and the other for my sis’s mom-in-law…lovely lady that…will be hand delivered by my bro-in-law to her 🙂

Oh boy!  That reminds me that we still have not ordered the X’mas/New Year photo cards!  Gotta get to that today…

The problem with knitting gifts for people you love (who live with you)…is that you really CANNOT do a thing when they are awake and around you….urg…

My next project was to be the Morehouse “Gator purse/bag” for my girlie, but she’s always around me…so I’ve finished the socks…now I’m moving onto finishing the Mara Shawl for my lit’l sis…then my mommy’s Mara Shawl….all these shawls got a great start and the moment they grew too big to be carried around, they have been in hibernation mode…so this IS the best time to bring them out.

Happy knitting 🙂


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