No response…

November 20, 2012

Maybe I’m “old”…

How is it that someone receives an email that warrants a response but fails to do so?  When did we, as a people start ignoring each other even in a work place?

My parents taught me to respond as needed, always with a smile.  Basically, if I have nothing nice to say, keep my mouth shut.  OK, yes, for those who know me…I do NOT live by that rule…heheheeeee..

Sometimes, being a person who speaks the truth is painful.  But the way I see it is this:

I voice what I feel in my heart

I try my best at all times

I reflect on what and how I behaved at the end of each day

No regrets…

C’est la vie…

Thankful for my parents…they taught us well…we are passing those lessons along to our little one…



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