OMG….J & S package!!

October 16, 2012

OH….after worrying about the package for days….I FINALLY got it via USPS mail….

Ok ok…I’m ahead of myself…picture this:
I’m typing away minding my own beeswax when I saw our regular lovely postman walking into our office…”Hey, Barb!  I’ve got your package…” I spotted this large grey plastic bag amongst all the USPS mail bins….OH….the joy!!
Ok, I think I AM crazy about yarn….especially J & S yarns…this package contains:

-BMC kit from Kate Davies

-yarn for one Osaka tea cozy

-yarn for the smallest size of Olly’s Allover

-colour swatch book of all J & S yarns
I’m dreadfully sorry for the ladies who had to read my desperate emails…hahahaaaa…

Life is good… 🙂


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