In search of savory oatmeal recipes….

October 3, 2012

One of my all time favourite breakfast treat is oatmeal cooked in water + agave + dried cranberries.  Well, all it took was to turn this “favourtite” into a lunch item for 3 days (in the name of eating healthier)…

My search for a savory oatmeal recipe to try led me to Penny De los Santos’ blog…no, it was NOT the savory oatmeal recipe that demanded my attention….it was her amazing photographs…her stories…

Was it my second year in art college?  Or the first…I’ve tried a handful of classes in different departments…I was ready to declare my major in photography when something happened…an unexpected financial situation which required a withdrawal/leave of absence.  Luckily, I was already working at my college…switching to full-time was an option and as a full-time employee, I was entitled to take a class free of charge.  This takes me back in time…well, all I want to get to here is that I have ALWAYS loved photography…I won some sort of something in High School via Parsons School of Design in L.A….wait!  Where is that little golden key pin in the clear/blue plastic box?!  Yep, my black and while print was on display at their gallery and I got to see it there….

Long story short,  I love taking photos…where am I going with this?  Oy vey, I do not know…hahahaaaa…I lost my train of thought!  Photography (one of my gazillion hobbies) attempts to freeze time/emotion/situation in a fraction of a second…it’s amazing how some of us are capable of capturing that image…hats off to Penny…




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