A super fun sewing day….watching the Olympics too…

August 6, 2012


Bias cut A line skirts for me….I love this pattern!  Can’t recall where I got it from, but I know I made a copy of it from some pattern I purchased and then simplified it for my own use.  Some how, through the years I’ve lost the “front” portion…so I made do with just the “back”….appalling for the advanced sewers out there I’m sure!!  Hahahaaaaa…

My motto?  “If I can’t make the item in 2 sittings, don’t bother!”

Frankly, I am VERY impatient…so here’s what I usually do:  Cut our fabric at night after my family chores are done and sew when I have a moment the next day or whenever I have the chance.  We do not have space for a sewing table set up forever, so I need to lug my machines out when I use them…I’m used to it…it’s all good.  If I’m focused I can get the sewing done in one sitting.  If I can’t?  Good luck….the projects will probably hibernate!

I digress…ok, so this past Sunday, I was determined.  I’ve cut out 3 A line bias cut skirts for me…hung them “overnight” for more than 3 days.  I MUST finish them!  Mind you, this is after I made the new purse in the morning!
  Seriously though, the skirts are easy peasy….elastic waistband!  So at the end of last night?  I made 3 of them!  Yay!  I’m on my way to making more of my own clothes….life is good.






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