Pinterest…Twitter…the big bad cyber world?!

July 10, 2012

There must be something going on astrologically…hahahaaaa….yep…something to do with growth, learning…

Thanks to my co-worker/friend who introduced me to the Instagram world, I’m dipping my feet into the cyber world in a major way today…I’ve been pondering…ok, so in order for me sign up for a Pinterest account, apparently, I have to have either a Twitter or Facebook account…hmmm…no, FB is just not for people like me.

Twitter…oh…I have NO idea that’s how it works?!  Yikes…so here I am…clicking “Pin It”… 🙂  Even with a bad ear ache…chills…the symptoms of a cold…I can still click away?

WHEN am I going to ever knit again?!  Actually…tough topic that, my right elbow is really hurting…I have refrained from knitting for a while now…ok, I sure sound like a recovering addict…a few stitches here and there, but nothing more…I’m hoping to go back to a bit a regular exercise routine after this cold business and maybe, just maybe my muscles will be stronger and my tendons will not feel this way….


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