In search of better tasting tea…

July 10, 2012


We’ve been very lucky to have a nice little mom and pop store close by that sells some of our favorite teas.

They are great…there’s our back up tea bags, PG; Yorkshire Gold and our very favourite Taylors of Harrowgate.  Well, if I have to be picky, my all time favourite is Royal Blend by Fortnum & Mason.  We used to be able to order it via their USA location on the East Coast.  $10- for ground shipping and we get 4 cans of it to maximize our shipping fee – we share them with my siblings and we are happily brewing away…

I have NO idea what happened…we, in the US lost our only Fortnum & Mason local connection…what did we do??  I felt abandoned…drinking a PG tea…it’s bearable…not the same as a freshly brewed pot of tea (loose leaves)…so there goes our search…mine really.  My siblings count on me 🙂

Williams Sonoma website showed that they carry Royal Blend?  Ooooo…oh, no stock.  I can wait…so I waited and waited…it went from “No Stock” to “We do not carry it”…WHAT?!

Fine, I refuse to give up…thanks to Amazon, I managed to get 2 cans of Earl Grey and Black tea with Rose from Taylors of Harrowgate at a better price, yes, I had to spend the kaching first…but I know I have them in my tea cabinet!

Then came our Napa trip not to long ago, nice day trip out of San Francisco to find the sun shining brightly in the valley…we stopped off at Dean & Deluca before we drove home at the end of the afternoon to find TONS of teas…this one, TWG caught my eye…nice packaging, the date 1837 on it and all…the sample smelled great…FOOLED…at $26- a can!  Fooled by the packaging and the date…

Never did get to read the whole story about TWG while we were in the store (for maybe 10-15-20 minutes?)…serves me right, next time, I’ll know better….as sis pointed out, the date 1837 does NOT have “depuis” next to it…and where’s the tea made?  SINGAPORE?  Where?  I see…it’s all marketing…I should’ve known…

The Earl Grey I bought for my husband – aroma was lovely when one smells the dried leaves, but brewed?  It’s alright, definitely not made with real bergamot…at this price, I am a little disappointed…oh well…now, I’ve just got to get my mommy to try the one I got for her…

Life is not ever perfect, we just need to learn to be content with what we have….one day, I hope I can get some Fortnum & Mason Royal Blend…hopefully, happily brewing in our nice china pot covered by Kate Davies’ Sheep Carousel tea cozy knitted by me 🙂



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