Irritable Bowel Syndrome…life…doing the best that we can with what we’ve got…

June 25, 2012

IBS as it’s called in it’s short form…terrible “illness” this…

I was reading my favourite blog/website (“needled” – Kate Davies) about to type a comment when a comment caught me eye and I clicked on the link to check out this blog….”mystudentstruggles”..long story short…I have horrid memories of the worst episodes…it’s painful and unpleasant…I wish her well…

Funny how we are sent here to this physical plane, in the body we are given (nothing by choice, mind you) without a manual….part of life is to find the best way to care for this physical body of ours…while searching for our mission…if we are lucky, we will connect our inner self and the universe and find our purpose before our days are over…

I had this long “conversation” with my best friend the other day…via texting…how did she phrase it?  Hmm…quoting her (thanks, babe)..

“I think we get to similar places with different start…I do a lot cause it feels good to me and others”…thanks Al, you’re the best!



2 Responses to “Irritable Bowel Syndrome…life…doing the best that we can with what we’ve got…”

  1. Thanks for the mention, it really is horrible and I wish everyone who suffers well.
    And if anybody knows anybody who suffers, just support them the best you can and help them get their life back on track.

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