Almost ready to steek!

April 24, 2012


Not the best photo of it….but I’m soooo excited.  My wrists are not happy, so I’m allowing myself time to weave in the ends.  What contrast colour should I use for steeking?  I’m torn between the bright red or light green left over from the Peerie Flooers Hat…..


Rams & Yowes…

April 20, 2012


While experiencing the worst case of stomach flu during my daughter’s Spring Break…(planned to do a bit of spring cleaning and spend some time doing girly art projects with my girl)….nothing to be done…I was pretty much out of commission for over 7 days…

At some point, I figured the only thing that can cheer me up is to start the Rams & Yowes blankie (yarn and pattern purchased with Red Pocket money from my sis as my birthday/Christmas present).  This was taken after about 2 hours of knitting 🙂


I’ve never been so excited about finishing a colour work project!!!  This is truly my very first Fairisle project (7 colours).

Thank you, Kate!  You are the most amazing woman….thank you for inspiring me and so many others…

This started on Wednesday after lunch (my daughter sick at home watching a movie on the sofa)…by the time dinner time came, I was surprised by how much I managed to knit up…finished it last night before Midnight…well, still have to weave in all the ends and soak it.  Life is good….I’ve conquered my fear of colourwork projects!

Vest for my daddy…

April 2, 2012


Finished this in record time for my daddy…

He came with me to the yarn store, picked out the yarn/colour of his choice and I scrambled to finish it in a week’s time!  Thinking back, I can trace where the pain came from 🙂

It’s all good….hope he’s enjoying it….

Owlet for my sweet girl

April 2, 2012


No eyes for the Owlets…but she’s wearing it!  Thanks to Kate Davies, who inspires me to knit and create my own patterns…

This is made with Madelinetosh Chunky yarn.  I had a little trouble with the gauge…used size 8mm needles to achieve it…not 100% satisfied with the end result even though she’s elated….planning on her next one – using the tension of my choice and a little algebra 🙂

She did mention that the “fabric” of the sweater is a little too loose….this girl whose worn sweaters galore from mommy…